Limòn Costa Rica

Gospel Music Workshops

As part of a delegation of music clinicians from across the United States led by renowned professor and musician Dr. Ouida Harding, a select group of students and I helped facilitate a series of workshops and performances centered around the rich heritage of Gospel Music. Events took place in Limon and surrounding areas and were hosted by First Baptist Church of Limòn.

A significant part of this experience was learning the history that connects Afro Carribbean culture with African American culture.


In Sept. 2021, A group of my students ages 5-12 recorded a song with me called "The World We Want". One of the lines in the song says "the world we want, it's got so much love. Make the world a better place."

Little did we know at the time that in less than a year we'd be invited to travel to Costa Rica AND Africa to perform!


 Tour Artists