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Our Mission

I help children and adults discover and develop their artistic voice by enticing, exposing and illuminating the Gift - welcoming it to step forward - making it feel comfortable and confident to achieve Big Dreams. Music is my primary vehicle for accomplishing this mission. 

One of the most important lessons I try to teach my students is that success - or fame -

is a natural byproduct of developing and utilizing your skills to the highest level and sharing them with the world. 

For this reason, we never make fame our goal, instead we prepare ourselves for the day that fame will come while we focus on the BIG things. What are some of the BIG things? Excellence, purpose, living with compassion and integrity and making a positive difference in the world.

Will you join me in this endeavor? Find a program to sponsor below! 

HAPCO Music Youth Arts

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Sampling Of My Programs

Black Music Is... Knowledge Bowl

Annual Black Music History Contest

The competition gives students the chance to learn about some of the most iconic music and musicians and show what they know! 

In our game show format competition, students compete in a virtual setting for a chance to win prizes. 

The competition is divided into 3 categories: Black Pianists, Black Vocalists, and The Kitchen Sink of Black Music Facts. 

The questions are set up as music clips, pictures of musicians, and facts about the music/musicians. 

Students pay a small fee to enter the competition. When you sponsor the Black Music Is... Knowledge Bowl, you make it possible for students who don't have the means to pay the entry fee to participate. 

HAPCO Music Youth Arts

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School Workshops

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